AlIBAYZON was created by two individuals who have over 5 years of ecommerce selling experience.    We have sold on dozens of platforms from large names like AMAZON to smaller platforms like mecarri.  We have experienced every situation you could imagine Ranging from getting our seller account suspended for no apparent reason and no explanation to buying an item and receiving an empty package. The ecommerce business can sometimes be difficult to navigate whether you are a buyer or a seller, it can be frustrating and at the same time it is convenient and can be rewarding.  Here at ALIBAYZON we get it and understand the ups and downs to the online world.  Here at ALIBAYZON we take pride in understanding that the customer comes first!  However we view any one who pays for services as a "customer" and that includes buyers and sellers.  We are for the experience seller who already ha a product lined up to sell and we are perfect for the novice seller who may just want to sell that item that has been on the bookshelf for the last 5 years.  To our buyers whether you are looking for office supplies or you are looking for that perfect gift for the holidays we have it here.  ALIBAYZON carries a little bit of everything. We want everyone in our community not just to be satisfied we want everyone to be amazed.  We invite everyone to join the ALIBAYZON culture and feel free to express yourselves through our platform and together we can change the ecommerce industry together.