1. It is not our intention to please our users, It's not our intention to satisfy our users, our intention is to AMAZE them.
  2. Follow rule #1.
  3. Be respectful when dealing with other users. Bad behavior will not be tolerated.
  4. Do not send frivolous offers. We understand that you cannot always follow through, but you should make a good faith effort to do so on each and every offer you make.
  5. Do not sell fake or replica items. There is a 0 tolerance when it comes to this issue.
  6. Ship items you sell in a timely manner, ideally within 24 hours (Not including Weekends) and no longer than 72 hours after purchase.
  7. Be honest and accurate in your item descriptions. Make sure to highlight any flaws or distinctive details.
  8. Communicate well. Keep buyers updated on the status of their orders and send tracking within a timely manner.
  1.  Do not advertise your items in any of the comment sections or through messaging.  We will ban all users immediately if we see any sort of solicitation on our Marketplace.